Applicant Tracking

Track every interview, note, scorecard, status change or update for each candidate

Applicant Tracking

Your entire team has complete overview of the whole hiring process. All the communication goes through a dashboard, so it’s visible to every team member. Notes, scores, updates, interviews etc. are easily trackable and your team can be as effective as possible.

Employer branding

Easy to search and contact

Using keywords and hash tags, you go through endless CVs much, much faster and easier, in a simple way. Stages give you the total insight in how your candidates are going through the hiring process. You can simply set up your preferences just the way you want. Also, you can send, bulk or individually customizable email templates.


With our integration system, you can test your chosen candidates, using the skill or the psychological testing platforms. Also, you can use our customizable application form. You will have all the data stored and ready to reuse at any time.

Collaboration and Communication

Hiring process is the team process, so we made the communication and the whole process collaborative, no matter how big your team is. You and your teammates can easily follow all the activities related to candidates at one place.

Schedule interview

Easily contact and manage your upcoming interviews, and invite team members to participate using email templates. Integrate with your Outlook, Google or iCal calendars.

Interview Scorecards and Kits

Use our scorecards to grade each candidate. It stays in each candidate's file so it can be seen by other team members. Prepare for your interviews with a custom kit that lists all the required professional or personal skills to guide the interview along present lines.

Interview location

It helps candidates to reach you easily by showing the exact location of the interview, and it avoids the last minute calls and stress.

Top features in Step 3: Applicant Tracking

  • Centralized communication
  • Bulk emails and templates
  • Standalone ATS
  • ATS as it should be
  • Collaborative recruiting
  • Word cloud, keywords and hashtags
  • Candidate activity feed
  • Customizable recruitment stages
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