Candidate Sourcing

Reach passive candidates more easily

Candidate Sourcing

With our effective sourcing tools, it’s never been easier to reach out passive candidates. Once you find them, you can extract their info with our Chrome extension, directly to your talent pool. You can also just ask your teammates for referral. Easily distribute job post to free or premium job boards.

Adopto Candidate Sourcing
Post to Job Boards

Post to Job Boards

Once you are ready to publish your job, just click and it’s out there! You choose Free or Premium job boards. We also enabled publishing openings internally and that can’t be seen outside your company!

Post to Job Boards


Referrals are one of the best sources of finding the right people for your jobs. With our referral feature, it’s easy to get your entire team on the board and to make them refer as high-quality candidates afterwards. It's manageable easily, so you have total control over everything.

Browser Extension

Enable one-click candidate sourcing from the most popular social networks or developer communities with Adopto Hire Extension. When logged into your Adopto account, you can use it to browse candidate profiles and add them to your database.

Social Recruiting

With a simple, social media tool, post your new job ads on all your social media profiles directly. All you have to do is to connect to your accounts with Adopto, and then check out where your candidates came from - better target for your future campaigns.

Collaboration with Recruiters

If you’re working with an external recruiter, simply invite them to collaborate on any campaign or candidate, at any point in the recruitment process or on multiple projects. Whether you need them to go through resumes, interview candidates or perform tests, our integration makes it easy to delegate tasks. You’ll have full insight into your recruiters’ activities, task status or candidates.

Top features in Candidate Sourcing

  • Post to Job Boards
  • Facebook Jobs Tab
  • Profile pull out - Browser extension
  • Database access
  • Social Recruiting
  • Collaboration with recruiters
  • Employee Referrals
  • Our Partner Network
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